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Long scrolls

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Do you want your wedding invitation to make a memorable statement? At Indian Wedding Card, we understand the importance of making special announcements the right way. Our Long Scrolls are the best way let your friends and extended family members know about your upcoming nuptials.

Our long scrolls strike the perfect balance between elegance and sophistication. Although simple in design and artistic temper, our scroll invitations feature gold print fonts and antique designs on high quality paper. Each invitation rolls up around two elegantly designed scrolls which are tied together by a pair of golden tassels. Each tied scroll is then placed in an embellished card box of a similar design. These are placed in envelopes of corresponding sizes and can be easily mailed to your guests. Want your guests to feel privileged and happy? A long scroll invitation will do just that! Our long scroll invitations are perfect for couples who want to have the scroll design without the cost. Our long scroll designs are beautiful in their simplicity and will strike the right chord with your guests.

Couples who want to add a personal touch to their wedding invite may do so with the following options:

  • Additional embellishments i.e. colored stones or semi-precious stones, tassels and bows, die cast symbols
  • Presentation format i.e. velvet pouch or case, wooden box, basic envelope, etc.
  • Guest Name Labels, Envelope Seals
  • Adds-Ons i.e. RSVP cards, Sweet/Cake Box, Thank You cards, Program Booklet, etc.

Let Indian Wedding Card be your official wedding announcer. Get in touch with us today!

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