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Wooden Scrolls

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Your wedding is nothing short of a regal affair. Let Indian Wedding Card help you convey this feeling with our exclusive range of wooden scroll invites.

During the ancient period of Kings and Queens, presenting guests with a wooden scroll invitation was practised amongst royal families and the nobility. This ancient custom has returned in full fervour except with a few modifications to suit our modern times.

Wooden scroll invitations are not only beautiful and regal but they’re also memorable. Due to their recent resurgence, it’s highly unlikely your guests have ever received this type of invitation in the past. Apart from their exquisite design and construction, receiving a wooden scroll invite makes the receiver feel honored and revered.

What makes wooden scroll invitations a perfect choice for your wedding?

  • Due to their unique construction and design, wooden scroll invitations are treasured as keepsake items.
  • Their alluring design and embellishments creates a memorable impression in guests’ minds, making them feel special. They’re also more likely to attend your wedding celebrations. 
  • The special construction of a wooden scroll invite helps to set the tone and theme of your wedding.
  • We have a large variety of wooden scroll invites ranging from contemporary to classic and even ethnic.
  • You can customize your wooden scroll in any style you wish, from colors, to semi-precious stone embellishments and even font type.

Let Indian Wedding Card create a regal ambience for your royal wedding with our exclusive collection of wooden scroll invitations!

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