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1. How to send text?
2. Printing cost?
3. Proofing procedure?
4. Printing in other language than English?
5. Can you print the card in two languages, for instance Spanish and English?
6. Symbol choice?
7. Font choice?
8. Text templates?
9. Printing color?
10. Can u print some cards for bride side and some for groom’s side?
11. Can I change color of the design?
12. Can I put die-cast symbol of my choice?
13. Can I print Initials or logo or symbols of my choice?
14. Can I choose and print text in the card for any other event other than wedding?
15. Do u have typing facility for Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Arabic, Hebrew or any language?
16. What is One (1) printing area and cost for it?
17. What is Two (2) printing area and cost for it?
18. What is Three (3) printing area and cost for it?
19. What is Four (4) printing area and cost for it?
20. What is Five (5) printing area and cost for it??
21. What is Scroll Printing Cost?
22. Why I need to pay minimum cost for printing?
23. Is it possible to print a photo on the card?
24. What is difference between silk screen printing and hot foil printing?
25. Does the cost of the card include printing?
26. Is it compulsory to pay prior proofing?
27. Do we get to see how the text look likes prior print?
28. What is Individual guest name printing with main invitation text?
29. Is it possible to print bride and groom name, initials, event date and/or return address on main envelope?
30. Can we print different text on same insert lets say 40 with one type of text and 60 with other type of text?
31. Can we do full color printing? Or Can we add our picture or any colored picture on the invitation? Or Full color printing on scroll?
32. Can i print in Dark Gold or Dark silver?
33. Can we print on both sides of the scroll?
34. How printing will be charged if we wish to print 2 different text on same insert?
35. Does Cake and Sweet box include printing cost?
36. What is UV/Raised Printing ?
37. What is Foil Stamping?
39. What is cost of Foil Printing?
40. What is cost of UV/Raised printing?
General related FAQs
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